Just like Moses and his people wandered the desert, I've been traveling the back roads of this country on my own journey to the Barbecue Promised Land.  I'd have taken better notes had I known I'd be writing a book.

— Mike Mills

Peace, Love, and Barbecue

ssweeney's Review of Cripple Creek BBQ

Main Fare:

  • Lean, stand-up style brisket.  It is tough to chew with a bit of creosote, especially on the crust.
  • This is a big rib that is trimmed St Louis style.  It also has a 'tang' associated with a dirty (smothered) fire.  This rib is chewy and tough... not fully rendered.  
  • Sausage - Hillshire Farms product.
  • Hot Link has an odd flavor that nobody is able to identify.  Good texture and heat.  Tabasco peppers?  There are two different spice profiles inside that are working against each other.
  • Hog Wing... I am torn on this because we learn that this is a commercial product that comes pre-cooked, and are just warmed on the smoker.  Even so, this may be the best thing on the menu (we didn't try the buffalo burger).  This is a tasty start to our day.

Other Fare:

  • Potato salad is mashed and mustard-based... I like it.
  • Slaw has a thin creamy sauce with some vinegar tang.  I like the flavor, but there is no crunch.
  • Texas Beans are a version of Ranch Style beans.
  • Sauce is a traditional style sauce
  • Spicy sauce is dominated by yellow mustard
  • Mae Poy dipping sauce for the hog wings contains too much salt/soy sauce to go well with the wings


  • Wildman arrives early, and we are greeted with a warm and pleasant welcome.  These are very nice folks with a service-oriented attitude.  Service was excellent throughout the meal, and the owner comps our meal!
  • Clean lines to the building; There is a drive-through, and even a mini-pit smoking away out front
  • The inside is comfortable and has a nice banquet room, where we are seated.
  • Owner proudly offers that it takes only two sticks of hickory to smoke 20 briskets in his Ole Hickory pit.
Main Fare: 
Other Fare: 


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