I’m just a barbecue guy. I ain’t Jesus or anything.

— Roy Perez

Texas Monthly

ssweeney's Review of Smokin Js


Main Fare:

  • Brisket has clean flavor.  It could use a bit more time to render a velvet texture, but this is DARN GOOD brisket!
  • Huge, Flintsonian rib... but the time has been taken to finish it properly.  The right amount of rub does not overpower, but brings out rib flavor.  Nicely done.
  • Sausage is salty and greasy... but good.  Larger diameter than we've seen to this point -- or is it just the fact that the sausage is sliced on the diagonal?  We debate.

Other Fare:

  • Pork Tidbits - Trimmings off the rib have been seasoned and cooked on a grill.  These have a texture similar to "burnt ends" in Kansas City, but are grilled rather than smoked.  Very tasty offering.
  • Other sides are normally homeade, but today we are told they are store-bought... so we opt out.


  • His previous building burnt, and the rubble still remains on the lot next door.  He says that will eventually become parking for this structure.
  • This is a screened enclosure framed with 2x4's and corrugated tin.  Commercial fan combined with DIY misting system seems to work well in the high heat.
  • BYOB... so we all have a Shiner Bock with our barbecue.  Yum.
  • This place has a Harry's on the Loop vibe to it... I think the crew could hang out here all afternoon.  But we all realize that there are miles to go before we sleep, and eventually load up and move on.
  • I think this is about as good as it can be for what it is right now.  Give it a bit of time, and the atmosphere could be through the roof.  Keep up the good work!
Main Fare: 
Other Fare: 


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