I'm not saying that I haven't found spectacular plates of barbecue during my travels. I have. But the standouts were few and far between, and all of 'em at places that still cook exclusively with wood.

— Jim Shahin

Austin Chronicle

ssweeney's Review of Smokehouse Bar B Que

Main Fare:

  • Brisket still needs some more time to become fork tender, but some bitterness is already present here. 
  • Rib has a pretty clean flavor, and the right amount of dry rub that has a bit of spice.  Flavors are good and the rib has rendered fully... in fact it is cooked to the point that the rib is completely falling apart.
  • Sausage is a commercial product such as Hillshire Farms, but the casing is nicely crisp and 'snaps' to give access to the soft interior.
  • Beef link is overcooked.  Crisp and chewy casing packs a good meaty flavor, but even the insides are dry.  There is a nice spice on the finish.
  • Hot link is the standard variety: red casing; hot dog consistency.  It is salty with some heat at the end.

Other Fare:

  • Boudin is gooey, falling out of the casing, and spicy.  Good.
  • Potato salad is a creamy, mustard-based variety with chunks of potato for texture.  Has some pickle juice or vinegar to give it a 'tang'. Very good.
  • Slaw is crisp with a thin cream sauce.  Nice.


  • This place has been here quite a while, and the current owner has held it the last 7 years.  He is dealing with some serious health issues, but looks pretty spry for someone that just lost a kidney.  He has a great attitude, and shows us around his smokehouse.
  • Even though Harry is gone, locals still refer to this place as "Harrys' Smokehouse".
Main Fare: 
Other Fare: 


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