The more I think about barbecue, the more I start thinking that it’s one of our most important road food traditions.  The reason that it remains vital, besides the fact it’s good, is that it cannot be tamed.  It can’t be gotten out of a can; it can’t be frozen ahead.  BBQ doesn’t negotiate, and it suffers fools badly.  Barbecue requires time, smoke, and above all, skill.  Which is why attempts to corporatize it ultimately fail.

— Alton Brown

Feasting on Asphalt, Episode 2 - I Smell Pork

ssweeney's Review of Floridas Kitchen‎

Main Fare:

  • Brisket is good.  The thin slices dry out fast.  Slices are salty all the way through, and this works to bring out the beef flavor.  Brined?
  • Rib is very good.  Not too fatty... well rendered.  Also salty all the way through the meat.  Brined? 

Other Fare:

  • Pintos have good flavor, chunks of bacon, and firm beans. Nicely done.
  • Baked beans have a burnt taste... as if the bottom of the pot got scorched.  These would be a nice dish, if not for the off-flavors.
  • Slaw is crunchy and fresh. Good.
  • Potato salad is quite good.  It has a lot of stuff working in here... red pepper, chives, etc. 
  • Every single dessert I sampled was EXCELLENT (Buttermilk pie, Chocolate pie, Sweet Potato pie, Carrot Cake, Pecan Pie).


  • Joint is well-know by locals... and they are a loyal bunch!
  • Old shack has been expanded and rennovated over the years.
  • The staff are friendly and also loyal to Florida.  We meet Florida's husband out back as we are leaving.  Folks in East Texas sure are nice!
  • The place is more of a cafe/diner than a barbecue joint.
  • Monica and Jeanette fill sippy cups under the table with beers from their purses... priceless!
Main Fare: 
Other Fare: 


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