One of these days they'll get me.  They'll make me change my way of cooking, and when they do, that'll hurt my product. The style of barbecue we have here in Lexington is very unique. I think it will start to fade away.

— Wayne Monk

Owner, Lexington Barbecue as quoted in Smokestack Lightning

Smoke Daddy's Review of Southside Market and Bar-B-Q Inc

 MAIN FARE:Spread at Southside Market

  • Sausage - Nicely balanced and good texture     -- Double Boner
  • Sausage - Good hot spice; Juicy - maybe a little greasy    -- Smoke Daddy
  • Sausage - ...just didn't live up to all the hype    -- Eric Behrs
  • Brisket - Lean was firm and chewy, but the fatty was soft and tender.  Mild smoke with just a hint of spice on the finish.  Good.    -- Smoke Daddy
  • Beef Steak - Thin, but nicely done.  Extremely peppery, but tender and juicy    -- Smoke Daddy
  • Pork Steak - Similar to beef steak, but not as tender    -- Smoke Daddy
  • Baby Back Rib - Pulls right off the bone, but not moist enough.  Nice pork flavor and fully rendered.    -- Smoke Daddy


  • 2 sauces:
    • Tomato-based with chunks of onions - fair    -- Smoke Daddy
    • Cayenne pepper sauce - good    -- Smoke Daddy
  • Potato Salad - Mustard and mayo.  Fairly bland - OK.    -- Smoke Daddy
  • Beans - Slow cooked; good texture and beefy flavor.  Nice.    -- Smoke Daddy


  • Extremely peppery rub used on meats; a bit disappointing    -- All
  • Meat served from warming trays, pits barely visible    -- Smoke Daddy
  • Really big and new; dead animals on wall always a plus    -- Double Boner
  • Meat market and barbecue housed in same building    -- Smoke Daddy
  • 60's & 70's feel, sort of like a cafeteria    -- Eric Behrs

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Main Fare: 
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