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Smoke Daddy's Review of Clarks Outpost



  • Smoked Trout - Fishy.  A little dry -- not great.  Reminds me of the smoked carp we used to get in Iowa.
  • Brisket - Thick, short slices.  MMM.  Good texture and smoke flavor.  Tender and moist -- not "juicy" but very nice.  Quite lean with a nice bark and smoke ring.   This is a winner here!
  • Sausage - Peppery blend.  Firmly packed.  A little salty.  Good!  Reminds me of a beef summer sausage.
  • St Louis Rib - Not too meaty.  A little dry, but good smoke flavor.  


  • Not rated


  • Good location and drive-up appeal in Tioga across from the tracks.  Evening train rolls by just as we arrive.
  • Nice rustic place with the smell of smoke in the air as we approach the front door.
  • Bag 'o water w/pennies in it at the door to repel flies
  • A lot of stuff to look at on the walls including a giant, western-themed mural taking a whole wall
  • Menu is chock full of stuff other than barbecue (Calf fries anyone?)
  • Restaurant-style table service with waitresses
  • Where are the pits?  Smoke out front was stronger than inside.
  • Q' only offered by the plate inside the restaurant.
  • Good family restaurant.  I will definitely come back with the family!

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