Mmmm... Donuts

— Homer Simpson

The Simpsons

ssweeney's Review of Pit Downtown Barbecue

 MAIN FARE:The Pit rotisserie

  • Brisket - Firm. Good smoke ring and nice smoke flavor. We arrived in the middle of the afternoon, and its dry.
  • Sausage - Beefy; spicy or mild - Its good.  Casing is a bit tough.
  • Ribs - These are really big ribs.  A little tough, but great flavor.  A good balance of black pepper in the rub.  There is alot of meat on this bone!


  • Potato Salad and Pintos are average, run-of-the-mill fare.

ATMOSPHERE:The Pit seating

  • On again, off again Pit Master was absent
  • There are alot of [empty] tables in this restaurant
  • Being adjoined to the Back Forty bar helps with the atmosphere
  • Old, historical building... Oldest building on the tour???
Main Fare: 
Other Fare: 


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