There's not much point in complaining about high-tech barbecue. It serves a purpose, and it's here to stay. And no doubt the quality of it will keep on improving. But as the old barbecue joints slowly disappear, each one that remains becomes a bigger treasure.

— Robb Walsh

The Art of Smoke, originally published in The Houston Press

Smoke Daddy's Review of Kreuz Market - New

MAIN FARE:Kreuz Entrance

  • Fatty - A little tough today... even when compared to the lean.  Great flavor, though.
  • Lean - Damn, that's the best lean so far -- and may be the best overall.  Outstanding!
  • Sausage - Really good flavor here, with a nice delayed spice effect.  Casing is very firm, but the texture  of the meat is 'soft' on the inside.
  • Prime Rib - Fabulous! Man, this is good stuff!
  • Pork - Moist, tender, and good.


  • Crackers, Bread, Pickles, Onions, and Cheese - Simple and delicious


  • Brand new building... and this place is HUGE
  • Similar to old vibe, but with 'super-sized' feel
  • It will take some time for this place to get 'broken-in' and feel like home
  • Still the same care put into the product
  • You CAN do high volume without sacrificing quality

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