Just like Moses and his people wandered the desert, I've been traveling the back roads of this country on my own journey to the Barbecue Promised Land.  I'd have taken better notes had I known I'd be writing a book.

— Mike Mills

Smoke Daddy's Review of City Market


MAIN FARE:Terri with the coldest Shiner of the tour at City Market

  • Ribs - What can I say?  These are GREAT ribs... maybe best of the tour!  Outstanding.
  • Brisket - Lean.  Got an end piece... kinda like burnt ends.  Still good.  Lots of flavor in this meat .  Tried again and it was better, but not up to their highest standard.
  • Sausage - Good flavor here... mild.  A bit greasy today and the casing was tough.  


  • Pintos - Solid.  Tasty.

ATMOSPHERE:City Market Pit

  • Still love the experience here.  It should be on your short list!
  • The pit area is unique and beloved.
  • Pictures of 'The Duke' gone???
  • Train rolls through as we're finishing

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Main Fare: 
Other Fare: 


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