That's my favorite thing about Texas, the barbecue.

— Scott Caan

Smoke Daddy's Review of Cartwrights Bar-B-Q

<<Note: Cartwright's has closed>>

MAIN FARE:T-Bone pointing out a very important date at Cartwrights

  • Brisket - Nice flavor & good texture, but maybe a little dry.  Good.
  • Ribs - very smoky. Tender and pulls off the bone.  A little chewy.
  • Pork Loin - Nice color & smoke ring.  Tender.  Gosh, this is good meat (only pork loin so far this year).
  • Sausage - Not much 'snap' to the casing, but good texture inside and nice spice.


  • Beans and cole slaw were OK

ATMOSPHERECartwrights Oven

  • BYOB - The Barbecue Crew like that!
  • This is NOT a joint, but a brand new barbecue restaurant.
  • Pits? Where are the pits?  The youngster working the counter did not even know WHAT the pit was... not a good sign.
  • Manager/Owner did not appreciate us being there, and would not give us a tour. 
  • Pickles and onions kept away from customers unless requested
  • Charging $0.10 per slice of bread (and for peppers, too)... REALLY?
Main Fare: 
Other Fare: 


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