One of these days they'll get me.  They'll make me change my way of cooking, and when they do, that'll hurt my product. The style of barbecue we have here in Lexington is very unique. I think it will start to fade away.

— Wayne Monk

Owner, Lexington Barbecue as quoted in Smokestack Lightning

Smoke Daddy's Review of Burnet County Bar-B-Que

<<Note: It looks like this business has changed hands since our visit. As of Jan 2013, it is listed as "Bar-B-Q Shak" run by Robert and Penny Payne.>>

MAIN FARE:Burnet County Crew

  • Brisket - Nice smoke ring. Good texture with the fat melting into the meat (fully rendered). Moist... this is good!
  • Rib - End rib... how is it that I always get stuck with the end of the rack??? Dry and chewy. Good flavor here on a smoky rib, but even that cannot rescue this one.
  • Sausage - Elgin hots. Man they do good things with this sausage! It is not made here, but I like it better than at Southside Market.


Burnet County John Wayne Shrine

  • Sauce - Black pepper and a touch of horseradish, but it doesn't cover the flavor of the meat. So far, this sauce stands out as different and very good.
  • Other sides - standard fare.


  • Vibe here is cross between a country store and barbecue joint
  • Run by women with attitude (the good kind). They are friendly and show us around their place.
  • Electric knife gets a workout preparing our orderBurnet County Pit
  • There is a John Wayne 'shrine' bookshelf filled with all kinds of collectible memorabilia.
  • Decor has a woman's touch - homey.
Main Fare: 
Other Fare: 


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