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Smoke Daddy's Review of Burnet County Bar-B-Que

<<Note: It looks like this business has changed hands since our visit. As of Jan 2013, it is listed as "Bar-B-Q Shak" run by Robert and Penny Payne.>>

MAIN FARE:Burnet County Crew

  • Brisket - Nice smoke ring. Good texture with the fat melting into the meat (fully rendered). Moist... this is good!
  • Rib - End rib... how is it that I always get stuck with the end of the rack??? Dry and chewy. Good flavor here on a smoky rib, but even that cannot rescue this one.
  • Sausage - Elgin hots. Man they do good things with this sausage! It is not made here, but I like it better than at Southside Market.


Burnet County John Wayne Shrine

  • Sauce - Black pepper and a touch of horseradish, but it doesn't cover the flavor of the meat. So far, this sauce stands out as different and very good.
  • Other sides - standard fare.


  • Vibe here is cross between a country store and barbecue joint
  • Run by women with attitude (the good kind). They are friendly and show us around their place.
  • Electric knife gets a workout preparing our orderBurnet County Pit
  • There is a John Wayne 'shrine' bookshelf filled with all kinds of collectible memorabilia.
  • Decor has a woman's touch - homey.
Main Fare: 
Other Fare: 


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