There's no crying in barbecue 

— Wildman

@Laura and Emmies, 2005 Kansas City Tour

Smoke Daddy's Review of Rosedale Barbeque

Everything was above average here.  My favorites were the brisket, ribs, and corn nuggets!

MAIN FARE:Rosedale spread

  • Brisket - Good. Moist. Tender... maybe the best brisket we've had so far (this is our 14th stop)
  • Rib - Fall off the bone tender.  Good flavors here!
  • Sausage - Good flavor. Med-course grind.  Pan fried.
  • Burnt Ends - Good chunks.  Moist & Tender.
  • Pork - Good texture, but just a tad dry. There is a little funky flavor on the finish.
  • Meats rubbed with just a bit of salt?  Very light on rub spices.Crew inside Rosedale


  • Corn Nugget - This ROCKS!  Why are these corn nuggets so darn good... and addictive?
  • Potato Salad - Mustard-based, with pimientos.  Solid.
  • Beans - Green pepper & onion.  Not too sweet.
  • Cole Slaw - Mild.  Not too creamy. With carrots.
  • Sauce - Heavy on the Worcestershire, nice cayenne on finish.  Celery salt!


    Rosedale Pits
  • Started as a neighborhood hot dog and beer stand
  • 4 Generations & 70+ years
  • Moved to current location in '91
  • Diner-style bar runs length of the room
  • Nice, simple decor.  Comfortable joint.

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Main Fare: 
Other Fare: 


Response to Review

Thank you for your review and visit to our establishment, we are happy you enjoyed your experience. Just to note a follow up on the sauce note for those who are referencing it, we have many trying to decipher the ingredients and many have it close but not quite, as our sauce contains no celery salt nor Worstershire in the ingredient list. Again, Thank you again we hope to see you in again for a visit.

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