Need no teef to eat my beef

— House Park Bar-B-Que

Sign, 900 w. 12th st., Austin, TX

Smoke Daddy's Review of Lil Jakes Eat It AN Beat It

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Nothing below average here.  My favorites were the brisket, burnt ends, and atmosphere.

MAIN FARE:Lil Jakes Spread

  • Brisket - Thick slice, across the grain.  Smoky and tender ... fall apart tender.  Very good.
  • Burnt Ends - Smoky, but nearly as tender as the brisket.  Moist. A little more of the rub flavor comes through here. Simple rub - maybe just salt & pepper? Very good.
  • Rib - Nice job on the smoke flavor, meat, and rub balance. Fully rendered, but firm texture... maybe cooked a tad hot?
  • Pork - Definitely butt.  Don't get as much smoke flavor here, and not much spice from the rub either.  


Lil Jakes Pit Boss

  • Beans - Sweet & soft, with just a hint of spice on the finish. Standard, but good.
  • Potato Salad - Using new potatoes. Mayo-based. Good.
  • Cole Slaw - Crunchy and fresh. Not too creamy & not too much vinegar.  Has a very subtle spice on finish. 
  • Sauce - Chock full-o-spice. Similar in 'punch' to Bryant's, but no grit.  Bold, with a good spice.


  • Small brick structureXO Viewing Lil Jakes Pit
  • 5 picnic tables out front
  • Small diner feel on inside (less than 20 seats) - Thus "Eat it AN Beat it"
  • Homeade, vertical smoker pits
  • Cooks his briskets in water - unique method!
Main Fare: 
Other Fare: 


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