The more I think about barbecue, the more I start thinking that it’s one of our most important road food traditions.  The reason that it remains vital, besides the fact it’s good, is that it cannot be tamed.  It can’t be gotten out of a can; it can’t be frozen ahead.  BBQ doesn’t negotiate, and it suffers fools badly.  Barbecue requires time, smoke, and above all, skill.  Which is why attempts to corporatize it ultimately fail.

— Alton Brown

Feasting on Asphalt, Episode 2 - I Smell Pork

Smoke Daddy's Review of LCs Bar-B-Q


Good joint. My favorites were the brisket, beans, sauce, and atmosphere.

MAIN FARE:LCs Brisket and Burnt Ends

  • Brisket - Sliced thick, just for us. Has  some of the bark still attached (good). Tender, moist, and pulls apart easily. The  rub compliments the meat. Very good.
  • S. Ribs - Chewy on both the exteriorr and interior. Good smoke.
  • L. Ribs - Less of a chewy layer. Simple rub with little or no spice.
  • Burnt Ends  - Very chewy... let me try another. "Crunchewy".
  • Sausage - Sliced lengthwise and quartered... then panfried.  Very coarse grind, but somewhat salty. Virtually no casing... good spice on finish.
  • Pork - Good moisture and fat content, even though sliced paper thin. Nicely done.


LCs Ribs and Sausage

  • Sauce - Good tomato/vinegar balance, with subtle heat that grows with you. Good spices, but not overwhelming.  Nice, if maybe a little salty (celery salt, of course).
  • Beans  - Medium-thick consisteny. Good balance of sweet and spicy, with heat on finish.  Very meaty and good!
  • Potato Salad - Whipped/Mashed style, with big chunks-o-tater.
  • Slaw - Creamy style, with some vinegar.


  • We parked near the woodpileLCs Pit
  • Bars on windows indicates a rough neighborhood
  • Police officer picking up a to-go order is a good sign
  • Roll-naps on the tables
  • Decor: Dead animals on the wall, and a photo of Aerosmith eatin' LC's ribs
  • Pit behind counter with initials 'LC' welded onto door
  • He slices the meat as we order it

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Main Fare: 
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