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— P.G. Wodehouse

Smoke Daddy's Review of Gates and Sons Bar-B-Q

A Kansas City barbecue legacy.  My favorite was the burnt ends.

MAIN FARE:Gates Spread

  • Brisket - Well-trimmed. Medium-thin slice. Good, marbled piece of brisket... rendered and moist.  Probably cut from the high-side.  Good flavor, but no bark... too bad.
  • Burnt Ends - Different style... chopped & mixed with point.  Very moist -- I like 'em!
  • Rib - Chewy. Good flavor and moisture... but tough.  Not as salty as the mutton, but still loaded.
  • Sausage - Italian spices. Course texture, but tightly packed. Beef or brisket in this mix. Good spice. Cut lengthwise into quarters. Fairly lean.
  • Mutton - End piece is extremely salty. Falling apart on the inside, but I can't get past the salt.  The salt penetrates and goes completely through the meat... wow.


  • Beans - Thick & sweet. Loaded with brown sugar. Good texture, smoky, but light on meaty chunks.
  • Sauce - Tangy! Smooth texture, but loaded with spices. Good kick.
  • Bold & Sweet Sauce - Same as regular with added sweetness.
  • X-Hot Sauce - Another modification to orginal recipe... this time with Cayenne pepper sauce. 
  • Potato Salad - Mustard based. Good.
  • Slaw - Crunchy & Creamy.
    (note: both PS and Slaw served with a bit of rub sprinkled on top)


  • We are in "Gatesville"... looks like they own all four corners of this intersection. 
  • Big parking lot
  • Jazzy Muzak
  • Ceiling fans on an  elaborate pulley system
  • Interior is very clean
  • Has a high-volume, commercial feel (McDonalds?)
  • Dual order lines at counter to handle customer load
  • No interaction with staff outside the serving line
  • Only spice on the tables is salt... but the meat was already loaded.

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