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Smoke Daddy's Review of Smokin Guns Bbq and Catering

The pulled pork was the best meat, but my favorites were the beans and the potato casserole.

MAIN FARE:Smokin Guns Spread

  • Brisket - Very thin slices. Well trimmed, lean, and a little chewy.  Piece off the moist side pulls apart easily, is still fairly lean... but also chewy.
  • Burnt Ends - Salty, smoky, & spicy.  Not all of them are completely rendered... how does that happen with burnt ends?
  • Spare Rib - Interesting... inside meat is white like a pork chop.  Has a smoke ring, but is not rendered... tough.
  • Baby Back Rib - Nice rub! Meat is flavorful, but chewy. Alot of spice here.
  • Pulled Pork - Tastes lean - like a pork chop.
  • Sausage - Sliced lengthwise. Italian... with extra fennel seeds.


Smokin Guns Tropies

  • Beans - thick sauce, sweet onions, and lots of meaty bits... Very good! 
  • Slaw - Venegar-based and tangy. Leaf doesn't crunch, but it is good.
  • Potato Casserole - Cheesy with corn flakes and bacon bits.  
  • Two sauces with essentially the same make-up, except one has added heat.  Fairly standard KC-style sauce, but too ketchup-like for my taste.


  • Wood panel, basic decor... with walls covered with competition ribbons & banners.Smokin Guns Pellet Cooker
  • Trophy display is impressive, but overdone
  • Quotable: "Good barbecue speaks for itself"  --Double Boner
  • Quiet light industrial/warehouse area north of Downtown
  • XO, K-Dawg, and FU get a tour of the pits

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Main Fare: 
Other Fare: 


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