Texans Barbecue Beef. These three words are often used to sum up the Texas barbecue experience. I understand why this knee-jerk explanation has become so popular: it reduces a long, complicated saga into a pat one-liner that no one can really disagree with. The true story of Texas barbecue is far more bewildering.

— Robb Walsh

Legends of Texas Barbecue

Smoke Daddy's Review of Smokin Guns Bbq and Catering

The pulled pork was the best meat, but my favorites were the beans and the potato casserole.

MAIN FARE:Smokin Guns Spread

  • Brisket - Very thin slices. Well trimmed, lean, and a little chewy.  Piece off the moist side pulls apart easily, is still fairly lean... but also chewy.
  • Burnt Ends - Salty, smoky, & spicy.  Not all of them are completely rendered... how does that happen with burnt ends?
  • Spare Rib - Interesting... inside meat is white like a pork chop.  Has a smoke ring, but is not rendered... tough.
  • Baby Back Rib - Nice rub! Meat is flavorful, but chewy. Alot of spice here.
  • Pulled Pork - Tastes lean - like a pork chop.
  • Sausage - Sliced lengthwise. Italian... with extra fennel seeds.


Smokin Guns Tropies

  • Beans - thick sauce, sweet onions, and lots of meaty bits... Very good! 
  • Slaw - Venegar-based and tangy. Leaf doesn't crunch, but it is good.
  • Potato Casserole - Cheesy with corn flakes and bacon bits.  
  • Two sauces with essentially the same make-up, except one has added heat.  Fairly standard KC-style sauce, but too ketchup-like for my taste.


  • Wood panel, basic decor... with walls covered with competition ribbons & banners.Smokin Guns Pellet Cooker
  • Trophy display is impressive, but overdone
  • Quotable: "Good barbecue speaks for itself"  --Double Boner
  • Quiet light industrial/warehouse area north of Downtown
  • XO, K-Dawg, and FU get a tour of the pits

Smokin' Guns BBQ on Urbanspoon

Main Fare: 
Other Fare: 


The old building is gone and so is some of the charm.

Food is good but does not taste like BBQ. No smoke flavor. It could have been cooked in a regular oven.

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