Smoke is mysterious, fire is uncertain, and pit men are expensive. So the mystery, uncertainty, and expense of taking the chance to make great barbecue is being replaced by the quantifiable methods of always making pretty good 'cue.

— Jim Shahin

Austin Chronicle

Smoke Daddy's Review of Sneads Bar B-Q


My favorites here were the beans and ribs.

MAIN FARE:Sneads Spread

  • Brisket - Not sliced paper thin.  Fairly tender, but a little dry and chewy on the finish.  Needs the sauce.
  • Burnt Ends - Good... if you get the right ones!
  • Rib - Tender and fully rendered.  A little greasy, but nearly falling off the bone.
  • Pork - Tender & moist. Nice.
  • Fact: They cook and serve the meat "naked"... using no rub or seasonings
  • Opinion:  This is a nice sentiment/tradition, but using a little spice can compliment the flavor of the meat and make your taste buds sing.  Why not present your product in the best possible light?


Sneads Pit

  • Beans - Sweet with some onions and beefy bits.  Good.
  • Potato Salad - Firm potatoes. Mustard-based with some mayo
  • Slaw - Creamy and not too sweet. OK
  • Regular Sauce - Sweet, sweet, sweet... with a 'tang' on the finish. Smooth texture.
  • Hot Sauce - More bold and lumpy, with visible spices - similar to Bryant's


  • Texas Monthly BBQ Issue on the wall - Snead's was listed as a KC joint
  • Down-home, quaint decor with a woman's touch
  • Seating area contains simple booths, plus tables and chairs
  • Paper placemats and napkins
  • Organic growth evident - dining hall was added to original building
  • Starting to fill up for dinner at 6pm

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