When you're driving around, dont forget to keep your eyes open. You never know when you might happen upon a shade-tree barbecue stand or a little shack that nobody's ever heard of -- with the best smoked meat in creation.

— Robb Walsh

Legends of Texas Barbecue

Smoke Daddy's Review of Mesquite Pit


Nice family restaurant that has bbq on the menu.  The potato salad and cole slaw were very good.  Next time I will opt for something cooked on the mesquite grill (steak, burger, chicken, etc).

MAIN FARE:Mesquite Pit Spread

  • Brisket - Mesquite. Cooked 24 hours (mostly wrapped). Very little seasoning in the rub - just a trace of salt is noticeable. Lean is cut into thick slices that are a bit chewy.
  • Rib - Mesquite flavor is good on the rib!  Good color and smoke ring.  Meaty rib is tough and chewy... have to really work to get any meat off the bone. 
  • Sausage - Possibly a beef/pork mix?  Has a little spice on finish.  More interesting than store-bought.


  • Beans - Tastes like chili... lots 'o chili powder here.  Good.
  • Potato Salad - Strong mustard and pickles.  I like it!
  • Slaw - Good crunch. Not too creamy, with some vinegar and flecks of black pepper. Very good.
  • Sauce - Thick and sweet, with alot of 'tang'. 

ATMOSPHERE:Mesquite Pit Smoker

  • Opened in 1993, and acquired the grocery next door for growth
  • Burned in 2004, so this building is new construction
  • Stone exterior with Texas star accents
  • Rustic, lodge-style interior
  • Sit-down, table service restaurant serving drinks in big ole' mason jars
  • Nice custom mequite pit with ventilation/air tube design
  • Plus a water smoker for the ham, ribs, & chicken
  • Sausage cooked hot & fast on the mesquite steak pit

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Main Fare: 
Other Fare: 


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