This whole place is filled with double boners!

— K-Dawg

Coopers Bar B Q, Llano, 2000 Central Texas Tour

Smoke Daddy's Review of Cooders Texas Barbecue

<<Update: Looks like they closed in about 2010>>

Homey little stop on the tour, with the smallest pit we've ever seen (2 briskets).  The beans were excellent, and the Cooder Nachos were tasty.

MAIN FARE:Cooders Interior

  • Brisket - Little chunks.  Good.  Not much smoke. Smoked for a while, then wrapped and finished in the oven.
  • Sausage - Salty, with a hot dog texture.  "Smokey Ridge" out of Austin.
  • Jalapeno Sausage - Jalapeno? Really?  OK, a bit of delayed spice noticable on the finish.


  • Beans - Yum. Spices melded together nicely... I could make a meal out of these.  No heat in 'em.
  • Potato Salad - Firm taters. Creamy sauce.  Sweet.  OK.
  • Nachos - Ballpark nacho cheese with beans and shredded brisket. Jalapenos on this side.  Tasty.


  • Not much drive-up appeal, but a nice 'homey' little place
  • Owners are Clifton and Doris Williams
  • Named for their favorite band - Cooder Graw
  • "If you leave hungry, its your own damn fault."
  • Everything made fresh every day; don't hold anything over
  • Sit-down style table service, and our server assures us that she will take care of us
  • They love their brown sugar here - would fit very well into East Texas!
    • 2 lb of brown sugar in every gallon of bbq sauce
    • Simple syrup of brown sugar used in the sweet tea
    • Everything served with ta brown sugar glaze
  • "Its all about the sauce, not the meat."  --Husband is the sauce maker
Main Fare: 
Other Fare: 


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