This whole place is filled with double boners!

— K-Dawg

Coopers Bar B Q, Llano, 2000 Central Texas Tour

Smoke Daddy's Review of Little Pit BBQ


The cornbread was very good.  Next time, I would try the hand-cut ribeye and some homeade pie.

MAIN FARE:Little Pit Counter

  • Brisket - Trimmed. Lean is firm and sliced pretty thin, but still moist.  Texture is good, if a bit chewy on the finish.  The bark is bitter.
  • Sausage - Commercial.  Hillshire Farms?
  • Chopped - Good.


  • Beans - Standard pintos.  Good.
  • Potato Salad - Mashed style with garlic and sweet pickle juice.  
  • Slaw - Fresh with just a hint of manderin orange?  Different.
  • Sauce - Super sweet (think syrup) with a twang on the finish.
  • Corn Dodger - Sweet cornbread scooped with an ice cream scooper and deep fried.  Very good!

ATMOSPHERE: Little Pit Pit

  • I-20 Frontage road drive-up
  • No front door - parking lots on either side
  • Seems they are growing... young fellow tells us this is their 3rd place in 5 years

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Main Fare: 
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