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Smoke Daddy's Review of Ronnie Ingle Pit Bar-B-Que

Great atmosphere - hospitality was world-class.  Very good brisket, cornbread, sauce, and slaw.

MAIN FARE:Ronnie Ingle Spread

  • Brisket - Smoky, tender & good.  Nicely done!  Ronnie won't share what is in his rub, but it is a tasty mix.
  • Rib - Has good flavor.  Nice smoke, with good balance of meat and rub.  Mine was slightly above average, but Wooster got the 'good rib'.
  • Sausage - Commercial... Eckrich 'rope' sausage.  Ronnie claims that the best sausage in the world comes from Snook, TX... but no distributors here, so he can't guarantee a steady supply, and won't switch unless he can.


Ronnie Ingle Counter

  • He tosses some turkey and ham samples on the plate @ N/C
  • Beans - Fairly standard version of pintos
  • Potato Salad - Standard mustard-based with a creamy texture
  • Slaw - [Red wine ] Vinegar-based  and sweet.  Different and very good.
  • Sauce - Brown & tangy, with some spice on the finish.  Is good on all the different meats. Very good.
  • Sweet cornbread - Moist and gooo-ood.

ATMOSPHERE:Ronnie Ingle Pit

  • Great drive up appeal... ranch house. 
  • Friday is Rib Day!
  • Ronnie is behind the counter when we arrive
  • Organic growth visible, and ... and built by Ronnie
  • He tells us that he smoked his first brisket in 1954, and claims it was the first in the county.
  • Great pits.  Good tour.
  • Using "barkless" mesquite... wood seasoned to the point that the bark falls off

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