Smoke is mysterious, fire is uncertain, and pit men are expensive. So the mystery, uncertainty, and expense of taking the chance to make great barbecue is being replaced by the quantifiable methods of always making pretty good 'cue.

— Jim Shahin

Austin Chronicle

Smoke Daddy's Review of Bar-B-Que Barn


Ribs and brisket were good, as was the slaw.  I'd like to visit on a Fri/Sat night when the tap room is jumpin'!

MAIN FARE:BarBQ Barn Spread

  • Brisket - Chunks. Smoky & tender, but dry.  Good texture and mouthfeel.
  • Rib - Last ribs of the day! Tender. Cooked right.  A chewy bit on the end.  Very light on spice and smoke.
  • Sausage - Sweet, with allspice.  Different.


  • Beans - Standard pintos
  • Potato Salad - Standard.  Sweet & mustard-based.
  • Slaw - Good crunch.  Creamy with some sweet & sour going on here.
  • Sauce - Red/brown with some translucence.  Good spice on finish... better on brisket than the rib.
  • Peach Cobbler (N/C) - Canned peaches, but very good crust/cobbler.


  • Local gathering place/watering hole
  • The nice lady running the joint has been here 35 years
  • Good 'presentation' at the table, with plenty o' fixins
  • Electric smoker
  • Hat collection fills the walls of the 'tap room'
  • Would like to visit on a Fri/Sat night, when the joint is jumpin' 

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