There's not much point in complaining about high-tech barbecue. It serves a purpose, and it's here to stay. And no doubt the quality of it will keep on improving. But as the old barbecue joints slowly disappear, each one that remains becomes a bigger treasure.

— Robb Walsh

The Art of Smoke, originally published in The Houston Press

Smoke Daddy's Review of Packsaddle Bar-B-Que

My favorites were the brisket (minus the outer brown), potato salad, and homemade vanilla ice cream.

MAIN FARE:Packsaddle Spread

  • Brisket - Looks like it will be dry... but its not.  Meat has a thin smoke ring, but smoke flavor is evident.  The surface/ring is a little bitter.
  • Rib - This is a monster rib.  Good color.  Meat comes off the bone with a little work. The thicker portions are not yet fully rendered.
  • Beef Rib - First one of the tour.  This rib still has a long way to go before it is fully rendered.  The meat thermometer may register "done" for beef, but it is not ready for prime-time.  Looks like it would be good when finished...
  • Sausage - Good flavor, with some heat.  Casing is not tough, but has a nice snap. Good.


  • Beans - Standard pintos.Packsaddle Counter
  • Potato Salad - Good flavors, with a crunch (onion, celery). Very good.
  • Slaw - Standard creamy style... a bit of crunch has left the leaf.
  • Sauce - Thick with plenty of ketchup & worchestershire.  Spice on the finish.
  • Homemade vanilla ice cream - Very good!


  • Good drive-up appeal; near the lake
  • NASCAR tribute to #3 (Dale) in the large dining roomPacksaddle Oven
  • Nice folks: both the servers & the customers
  • Comfortable place to sit and have a meal
  • CMT on the TV

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