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Smoke Daddy's Review of Big Boys Barbecue

My favorites were the jalapeno popper, "My Way" country style ribs, and our desserts.  The brisket and rib were also both very good!

MAIN FARE:Big Boys Spread

  • Brisket - Great texture, tenderness, moisture.  Well-cooked and fully rendered.  Nearly melts in the mouth.  Mild smoke, and its been held/ovened... no crispness to the bark/crust/outside brown.
  • Rib - Sweet glaze applied.  Tender & juicy.  A bit on the greasy side, but very good.  Re-heated?
  • "My Way" Country Style Rib - Good nuggets-o-meat here! Nice flavor... where the pork chop meets the rib. 
  • Sausage - Same as Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que (it doesn't taste as good as it looks)


  • Beans - Fair.Big Boys BBQ Crew
  • Potato Salad - Fairly standard flavors, with some shreds of carrot and a nice crunch.
  • Slaw - Creamy base... with something different (coconut milk?)
  • Cornbread - Standard, but good.
  • Jalapeno popper - Outstanding! This may be the best side item on the tour... ever!  Yeah, its that good.
  • Key Lime Pie and Cream Cheese Delight were both excellent.

ATMOSPHERE:Big Boys Pit Boss

  • Small metal building (new construction) with a big parking lot
  • Wonder if they fill this lot?
  • We arrive @ 7:30p
  • Mesquite fence inside as a room divider
  • Tables with leather barrel-back chairs
  • Mr Marth was very hospitable and gave a good tour 
  • Cowboy-style using mesquite (Similar to Coopers)

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Main Fare: 
Other Fare: 


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