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Smoke Daddy's Review of Harolds Pit Bar-B-Q

<<Update: Harold Christian suffered a stroke in May 2011, and the restaurant was closed at the end of July 2011.>>

Overall, my favorites here were the Hot water jalapeno cornbread and atmosphere.  The brisket led the way for the meats, which were all above average.

MAIN FARE:Harolds Spread

  • Brisket - Good texture, cut, and flavor.  Mild smoke.  Bark trimmed off the slices.
  • Rib - Comes clean off the bone, but meat is firm - rather than mushy.  The meat around the "knuckles" (breast bone & cartilage) is not quite fully rendered.
  • Sausage - Salty, but good.  On the better end of the store-bought spectrum, with a nice spice on the finish.
  • They automatically sauce all the meats... so we got sauced


  • Beans - Fairly standard with some of Harold's house sauce addedHarolds Counter
  • Potato Salad - Mashed style with sweet pickles.  Good.
  • Slaw - Curnch & cool.  Light cream with a bit 'o vinegar
  • Hot water cornbread - Sweet, with a crunchy exterior.  The jalapeno cornbread is my favorite!
  • Sauce - Brown and thin.  A "mole" style barbecue sauce.  Different.  Good.
  • "Damn Hot" Relish/Sauce - Explodes on you tongue, then the heat just keeps on growing in your mouth


  • Good drive-up joint appeal
  • Only open 11a to 2:30p
  • Harold Christian has been here since '54, and he's behind the counter when we arrive
  • Military crowd is here at 11am
  • Great tour with two self-designed pits
  • He cooks with hickory and oak, rather than mesquite (which is native to this region)
  • Gas line plumbed to the pits, and they are using very little wood during our time here

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