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Smoke Daddy's Review of Big Os


Even re-heated, the rib was Big O's best meat offering.  The brisket was good, and the regular sauce worked on both meats. Leave some room, because the desserts were excellent.  Next time, I'll either get there on Friday for the ribs, or try the steak on Saturday.

MAIN FARE:Big Os Spread

  • Brisket - Light on rub, and its simple... maybe just salt?  The meat is falling apart, but a tad chewy on the finish.  Mild smoke.  Solid effort.
  • Rib - Big O sees the frowns on our faces when he tells us that we missed his "Rib Day" on Friday.  Not long after, we get a plate of the re-heated ribs we missed tasting fresh yesterday.  These have good flavors, with a nice balance on the rub-to-meat ratio.  Mild smoke.  Greasy, but good!
  • Sausage - Commercial, probably Hillshire Farms.


  • Beans - Good flavors with a pasty consistencyBig Os BBQ Crew
  • Potato Salad - A creamy, mustard-based mixture
  • Slaw - Nice crisp leaf, but sparse on the dressing
  • Sauce - Tangy, tomato-based, and translucent. Works on brisket and rib.
  • Hot Sauce - Homeade? With brown sugar and a nice spice.
  • Dessert - Coconut and chocolate pies were both outstanding


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