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Smoke Daddy's Review of Lemons Bar-B-Q


Lemons SpreadThis place had promise from outside appearances, but fell flat once inside.  If I were to visit again, I'd choose something other than bbq (maybe the fried fish).


  • Brisket - They don't separate the point from the flat, so you get both fatty and lean in most slices.  Meat is ok, but there is noticable bitterness from the smoke.
  • Rib - Trimmed back, not too much meat on these.  Somewhat overcooked.
  • Sausage - Commercial; I'm guessing Eckrich.


  • Beans - Green peppers & onion, with black pepper on the finish.  Good.Lemons Counter
  • Potato Salad - "Skin-on" mustard-based style.  Good.
  • Slaw - Some of the crunch has left the leaf.
  • Sauce - Bold flavors, with a bunch of individual spice profiles: Garlic salt; Onion powder; Celery salt are noticeable above others. 
  • Cornbread - Dense & dry.


  • Very good joint drive-up appeal... it had promise from the outsideT-Bones Bar-B-Q Pit Sign at Lemons
  • The place was absolutely empty when we arrive, just a couple of kids minding the store
  • You can feel the grease from the deep fryer in the air of the joint
  • All the meat was panned together and waiting... never a good indication.
  • The crew wants to abort this stop as soon as we step inside


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