The more I think about barbecue, the more I start thinking that it’s one of our most important road food traditions.  The reason that it remains vital, besides the fact it’s good, is that it cannot be tamed.  It can’t be gotten out of a can; it can’t be frozen ahead.  BBQ doesn’t negotiate, and it suffers fools badly.  Barbecue requires time, smoke, and above all, skill.  Which is why attempts to corporatize it ultimately fail.

— Alton Brown

Feasting on Asphalt, Episode 2 - I Smell Pork

Smoke Daddy's Review of Smittys Bar-B-Q


Smittys BarBQ SpreadI would come back for the homeade sausage and potato salad.  Or I might just try a plate of their soul food: Pork chop; mustard greens; corn casserole; and cornbread.


  • Brisket - Good Smoke. Fat trimmed off the slices.  This is a "stand-up" style brisket: firm & lean.  Slices turn out to be a little dry.  Good.
  • Rib - Mild smoke. Tender, but not quite done @ the breast bone
  • Homeade Sausage - Course-grind... very good!  Made with brisket???
  • Sausage - Commercial product... Hillshire Farms?
  • Cabrito - Yea!  Rich chunks of dark meat here; Has some 'funk' to the flavor... a bit gamey.

Note: all meats are dusted with "magic spice" (rub)


Smittys BarBQ Counter

  • Beans - Red Beans & Rice; Can substitute pintos.  Good.
  • Potato Salad - Interesting orange tint.  Texture is soft/loose.  And flavors include vinegar, oil, and mustard.  This is definitely not your run-of-the mill ps.  Different and very good.
  • Sauce - Thin consistency, with heavy addition of liquid smoke.
  • Hot Sauce - Mustard, garlic, & cayenne.  Good.


  • Good drive-up "joint" appealSmittys BarBQ Meat
  • Good use of longhorns in decor
  • Service is not fast... this is "slow food"
  • Rest rooms located outside of the dining room
  • J&R pits are out back

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