Smoke is mysterious, fire is uncertain, and pit men are expensive. So the mystery, uncertainty, and expense of taking the chance to make great barbecue is being replaced by the quantifiable methods of always making pretty good 'cue.

— Jim Shahin

Austin Chronicle

Smoke Daddy's Review of Hard Eight Barbeque

The prime rib and banana pudding were my favorites here (although prime rib is cheating a bit in barbecue).  The rib and brisket were not far behind, and the atmosphere on the patio was terrific!

MAIN FARE:Hard Eight Spread

  • Brisket - Sliced with a bit of the high side.  Very little or no rub on the crust... needs a bit of salt to bring the flavors out.  Very good.
  • Rib - This is a good rib!  Again very light on the rub... almost absent. Bark is tough at the breast bone (knuckles).  
  • Sausage - Similar in style and grind to commercial... except its not.
  • Jalapeno Sausage - Not fresh jalapenos... similar to regular sausage with some heat.
  • Prime Rib - On the rare side... but that's OK for prime rib.  A little salt really brings the flavor out.  YUM!


Hard Eight BBQ Crew at Work

  • Beans - Salty pintos, otherwise good.
  • Potato Salad - New potatoes; mustard-style with 'sticky' texture.  Good.
  • Sauce - Mild, with light flavors.  No heat in the spice profile.  Good utility... works across meats.
  • Slaw - Fresh mix with red and green bell peppers. Vinegar-based dressing. Very good.
  • Cornbread Salad - Like a corn relish... good mixture.
  • Banana Pudding - More accurately: "Banana Mousse"... Excellent.

ATMOSPHERE:Hard Eight Serving Line

  • Cannot be considered a joint
  • Modern cowboy-style barbecue restaurant
  • Very proud of their product... in the upper tier on price
  • Serving free beer in tiny cups
  • Inside smells like gasoline, so we move to the patio
  • Love this patio!

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