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Smoke Daddy's Review of Skylight Inn


The atmosphere here is an amazing, historically accurate rendition of traditional east NC barbecue.  Kudos to the Jones family for sticking to their guns and preserving the traditional methods and process.

MAIN FARE:Skylight Spread

  • Pork - Good, mixed meat (light & dark).  Moistened, but not "wet".  Flavorful.  Skin/cracklins are also mixed in with the pork, and we find three types:
  1. Good texture & flavor addition to the meat;
  2. Extremely chewy;  or
  3. Crunchy bits that might damage your dental work (watch out for these)!


Skylight Interior

  • Pan Bread - Salty, but good... wait, the other piece is not nearly as salty.  This one pairs well with the dip.
  • Slaw - Sweet and chopped very fine.  I like it better with some dip added.
  • Dip - Acidity seems to come from a mix of red wine and apple cider vinegar.  Flavor profile is a little strong... not sure whether it enhances or distracts from the flavor of the meat.


  • Long history and tradition hereSkylight Pit
  • Separate smokehouse out back
  • Good tour from Sam Jones (Pete's Grandson)
  • They focus on a few things, and do them well

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Main Fare: 
Other Fare: 


Most accurate review ever.........

..on the Skylight Inn. Details are correct with great detail.No more reviews are ever needed on Skylight until they switch to propane or something similar.

My suggestion to all near Ayden,NC - drive about a mile into middle of downtown Ayden. Find Bum's Restaurant/can't miss it. BBQ is better and multiple sides to go with it. 50 years Bum's has been doing it all very well.

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