I won't even sell somebody a barbecue unless they get cole slaw. If they want a barbecue and they don't want cole slaw, there's something wrong with that person.  It all goes together. You've got to have cole slaw and hush puppies with barbecue.

— Wilber Shirley

Peace, Love, and Barbecue

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Grady's Spread

Experience was a little rushed, because we arrive late.  But they stay open long enough to take our order, and we eat on the hood of Double-Boner's car.  Good joint with nice folks serving up solid Q.


  • Pork - Very moist. Good flavors and textures, with lots 'o parts in here!


  • Corn Sticks - Good, but a bit chewier than our earlier pups... not quite fresh?Grady's Order Window
  • Slaw - Very good. Crisp with just a hint of cream.  Still fresh, even at the end of the day.
  • Dip - Hard to tell, since we couldn't get it in a separate container... but I'd say more like Stephenson's than Skylight.
  • Banana Pudding - Fresh & tasty! VERY good!


  • Great drive-up appeal: Good looking joint... out in the sticks, with a large woodpile.Grady's BBQ
  • Unfortunately, we get here too late to get the full treatment & tour.  They close at 3p today, but agree to stay a few minutes until we arrive.  Nice folks!


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