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Smoke Daddy's Review of (The Original) Parkers Barbecue

Very good eastern NC history and tradition here.  My favorites were the brunswick stew and unique cole slaw.  Pork is good.  I hear the fried chicken is excellent, and might have to try that next time.

Parkers Spread


  • Pork - Shredded fine (buffalo chopper), and feels a bit mushy after others we've tried today.  Good clean pork flavors here, with less smoke than others we've seen in eastern NC.


  • Brunswick Stew - Very Good.  Tasty & thick... similar in composition to Stephenson's.  I really like this stuff!
  • Slaw - Yellow.  Mustard + vinegar with something extra... maybe dill or caraway seed?  Different but very good.  Has a bit of spice on the finish.  One-of-a-kind.
  • Hush Puppies - Baked, then fried?  That might explain some of the chewiness.  Good, sweet cornbread on the inside.
  • Corn sticks - Maybe an acquired taste?  Too chewy to be enjoyable.


  • Long, low, white building... been here since 1946
  • Many cars in the lot, but this place is nowhere near capacity... thiey can obviously pack 'em in!
  • Many servers in white hats waiting to help us, and the food comes out lickety-split
  • Smokehouse looks to be in a separate building, and the joint starts to get busy with the dinner rush... so no pit tour this time (Plus Salamander is on the phone trying to navigate/guide Rebecca to the restaurant).

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