I'm not saying that I haven't found spectacular plates of barbecue during my travels. I have. But the standouts were few and far between, and all of 'em at places that still cook exclusively with wood.

— Jim Shahin

Austin Chronicle

Smoke Daddy's Review of Stameys Barbecue


We like Stamey's!  The outstanding cobblers are followed closely by the pork and atmosphere.  Solid.  We were so busy eating that we forgot to take pictures of the spread... oops.  Enjoy the photos of the smokehouse. 

MAIN FARE:Stamey's Pit Room

  • Sliced - Beautiful.  Pink smoke ring extends all the way through the meat.  Outside is extra smoky.  Excellent.
  • Chopped - Machine chopped, but not mushy.  Flavors meld together to form a very fine whole.  We decide to order sandwiches rather than full trays of finely chopped pork.


  • Slaw - Very good. No cream at all.  Vinegar + Sweetness = Good balance.Stamey's Coals
  • Brunswick stew - Veggies (including peas) in a robust broth.  Like a hearty vegetable beef soup, complete with tater squares.
  • Corn Pups - Hot. Fresh.  Not as sweet as some we've had.
  • Dip - Table dip is red and chock full 'o spices
  • Peach and cherry cobblers are both outstanding... but I give the edge to the cherry, because it just came out of the oven!

ATMOSPHERE:Stamey's Woodpile

  • This is a big operation.  Smokehouse is 1/2 block away from the restaurant.
  • Restaurant has drive-through service in addition to the dining room and carry-out lines inside.
  • Homey feel to the dining room.  Sign says: "Seat yourself, but please don't sit at dirty tables."
  • Several generations of family barbecue history, and has had a High Point Road location since 1953 (the current restaurant was built in the late 70's).
  • Using scraps from a furniture mill as their fuel source

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Main Fare: 
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