Texans Barbecue Beef. These three words are often used to sum up the Texas barbecue experience. I understand why this knee-jerk explanation has become so popular: it reduces a long, complicated saga into a pat one-liner that no one can really disagree with. The true story of Texas barbecue is far more bewildering.

— Robb Walsh

Legends of Texas Barbecue

Smoke Daddy's Review of Deanos Barbecue


Solid joint with our favorites being the homemade banana pudding and pimento cheese.  Barbecue is good after being re-heated and held... but excellent when consumed fresh from the smoker.  Double-Boner takes a quart of pimento cheese to-go!

MAIN FARE:Deano's Banana Pudding

  • Course Chop - Tender meat. Pork chop flavors.  Moist & good.
  • Slice - Getting a lot more smoke flavor on the slice.  Very moist.
  • Both main fare products had been either steamed or re-heated
  • Deano brings some fresh outside brown.  This is fabulous!  Too bad we weren't served this at the start.


  • Pup - Smaller, dense, and sweet.
  • Slaw - Tomato flavor, with less vinegar than most
  • Dip - Red, translucent.  Sweet & sour.  Compliments the meat flavor without covering the food.
  • Banana Pudding - Homemade (from scratch).  Rich & creamy... this is tops!


  • Deano greets us with a smile... he's straightening his woodpile in preparation for a fresh delivery
  • Boney & Buck are on Deano's wall.
  • Cheery waitresses - as advertised.
  • Deano comes out and checks on diners several times.
  • He says he only cooks approx every other day now.

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