Jesus Loved Barbecue

— Kinky Friedman

Smoke Daddy's Review of Deanos Barbecue


Solid joint with our favorites being the homemade banana pudding and pimento cheese.  Barbecue is good after being re-heated and held... but excellent when consumed fresh from the smoker.  Double-Boner takes a quart of pimento cheese to-go!

MAIN FARE:Deano's Banana Pudding

  • Course Chop - Tender meat. Pork chop flavors.  Moist & good.
  • Slice - Getting a lot more smoke flavor on the slice.  Very moist.
  • Both main fare products had been either steamed or re-heated
  • Deano brings some fresh outside brown.  This is fabulous!  Too bad we weren't served this at the start.


  • Pup - Smaller, dense, and sweet.
  • Slaw - Tomato flavor, with less vinegar than most
  • Dip - Red, translucent.  Sweet & sour.  Compliments the meat flavor without covering the food.
  • Banana Pudding - Homemade (from scratch).  Rich & creamy... this is tops!


  • Deano greets us with a smile... he's straightening his woodpile in preparation for a fresh delivery
  • Boney & Buck are on Deano's wall.
  • Cheery waitresses - as advertised.
  • Deano comes out and checks on diners several times.
  • He says he only cooks approx every other day now.

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