One of these days they'll get me.  They'll make me change my way of cooking, and when they do, that'll hurt my product. The style of barbecue we have here in Lexington is very unique. I think it will start to fade away.

— Wayne Monk

Smoke Daddy's Review of Fuzzys


This joint has a solid history and good local following.  My favorites were the banana pudding, Brunswick Stew, and BBQ Slaw.  

MAIN FARE:Fuzzy's Spread

  • Sliced - This has been in a steam tray for quite a while.  It is lean and very tender.  Would be good with some fried rice, or as sweet-and-sour pork.
  • Chopped - Buffalo chopper in use... meat is "minced".  Moist & Tender, but where is the smoke flavor?


  • BBQ Slaw - Red, with some dark greens mixed in... some heat detected on the finish.
  • Slaw - Cream-based and green (although not 'glowing' like at Wilber's).
  • Pup - Crispy w/ a salty coating.  Not as sweet inside as what we are finding.  Longer, pretzel-like shapes (hand-squeezed into the fryer).  Because it is somewhat thin, there is not as much bread inside.Fuzzy's Pit
  • Dip - Lexington style
  • Brunswick Stew - Nice.  Got some heat to it... I like it!
  • Banana Pudding - Homemade.  Texture is great - base is custardy, and meringue/topping is nice.


  • Cross between a DQ (looks) and a classic Diner (feels).
  • Sauce is kept warm in coffee pots
  • Pits are not in operation during our visit


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