Every joint, from the best to the worst, seems to have people who think the food served there is the very best. Even bad barbecue is somebody's favorite.

— Mike Mills

Peace, Love, and Barbecue

Smoke Daddy's Review of Fuzzys


This joint has a solid history and good local following.  My favorites were the banana pudding, Brunswick Stew, and BBQ Slaw.  

MAIN FARE:Fuzzy's Spread

  • Sliced - This has been in a steam tray for quite a while.  It is lean and very tender.  Would be good with some fried rice, or as sweet-and-sour pork.
  • Chopped - Buffalo chopper in use... meat is "minced".  Moist & Tender, but where is the smoke flavor?


  • BBQ Slaw - Red, with some dark greens mixed in... some heat detected on the finish.
  • Slaw - Cream-based and green (although not 'glowing' like at Wilber's).
  • Pup - Crispy w/ a salty coating.  Not as sweet inside as what we are finding.  Longer, pretzel-like shapes (hand-squeezed into the fryer).  Because it is somewhat thin, there is not as much bread inside.Fuzzy's Pit
  • Dip - Lexington style
  • Brunswick Stew - Nice.  Got some heat to it... I like it!
  • Banana Pudding - Homemade.  Texture is great - base is custardy, and meringue/topping is nice.


  • Cross between a DQ (looks) and a classic Diner (feels).
  • Sauce is kept warm in coffee pots
  • Pits are not in operation during our visit


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