A fine beer may be judged with only one sip, but it's better to be thoroughly sure.

— Czech Proverb

Smoke Daddy's Review of Short Sugars Pit Bar-B-Q

I thought the sliced was better than the chopped today... primarily because it seemed the fresher of the two.  The atmosphere and dip are unique, and must be experienced.  

MAIN FARE:Short Sugar's Spread

  • Sliced - Smoky flavor does come through.  Fork tender, with a little chew.  Bonus for not being held in a steam pan.
  • Chop - More fat = more flavor! Mushy... this has been held awhile?  Chunks have a much better texture and smoke flavor.  I like the fact that it is hand-chopped.


  • Pups - Oniony & a bit chewy.  Good with the dip.
  • Slaw - White, with flecks of carrot.  Light vinegar and cream dressing.
  • Dip - Worchestershire & honey are prevalent.  Different than every other we've tasted.  Unique and good.
  • Combo of slaw, sauce, and pork is good.

ATMOSPHERE:Short Sugar's Pit

  • Great drive-up appeal
  • 50's era drive-in that still offers curb service
  • Diner feel inside 
  • Friendly & prompt service
  • Pit is worked from inside the kitchen area.  It is not too busy right now, but looks as if that area might become a "hot corner" during busy times.
  • Cue is started on an electric smoker, then finished over hardwood

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Main Fare: 
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