You can put all of the sauce on it you want, but you still have to master the art of cooking barbecue.

— Mike Mills

Peace, Love, and Barbecue

Smoke Daddy's Review of Hurseys Barbecue


The barbecue was above average, but the strawberry cobbler was a winner.  Although the sliced was a bit dry, I preferred it over the chopped today.  While I enjoyed the flavors in the chopped, I just couldn't get over the mushy texture of the meat (machine processed).  Next time I will try the chicken and apple turnovers.

Hursey's Spread


  • Sliced - There is a sweetness on the meat.  A bit of pink indicates smoke, but it is very mild.  Although appearances would lead you to believe it is too dry... it is not.
  • Chopped - Using a buffalo chopper... run very thoroughly.  Texture is mushy.  Dipped in the kitchen, it is a flavorful mix of meats.  


  • Pups - These are chewy and sweet, with a good flavor.
  • Dip - Really a sauce. Thicker, orange, & tangy... with flecks of red pepper.  Bold & Zesty.  Unfortunately, it is so bold & zesty that it covers the flavor of the meat.
  • Slaw - A fairly standard version of a cream-based slaw.
  • Brunswick Stew - Meat-based, with some veggies in a soup broth.
  • Peach cobbler - Big peaches with lots of bready cobbler to go with the fruit.
  • Stawberry cobbler - More of a flaky pie crust cobbler.  Very tasty and good.

Hursey's Pit


  • Wasn't too busy upon our arrive, and the hostess was able to seat us immediately.  A steady stream of customers continued to come through the doors during our visit.
  • 4th generation family business, apparently originating from a backyard barbecue party in the 1940's
  • Our waitress recommends the cobblers, and says they are "amazing"!  They were very good, but I understand their apple turnovers are possibly more popular than the cobblers.
  • Not sure how people confuse this with Eastern-style NC barbecue... they are cooking shoulders and hams and serve with a barbecue "sauce", rather than dip on the table.  I guess because the slaw is white?  Not nearly enough vinegar used here to be considered eastern-style.
  • The menu is quite varied... also serving broasted chicken and fried seafood platters.

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