BBQ is a taste memory. BBQ is a culture, not a concept. BBQ is friends, family & love.

— Mike Mills

Whole Hog Extravaganza and BBQ MBA Event 2013

Smoke Daddy's Review of Allen and Son


An excellent barbecue stop from start to finish.  Traditional methods & recipies; dedication to craft; and attention to detail produce great food and loyal customers.  Breadth of the menu did not dilute the quality of the barbecue.  This is a model of success that other restaurants should study.

MAIN FARE:The barbecue

  • Chopped - Hand Chopped. Even with the vinegar-based dip from the kitchen, the smoke comes shining through.  Many textures here: outside brown; shreds; chunks.  Excellent.



  • Pups - Crispy outside.  Tender & sweet inside.
  • DessertStew - Thick, light brown, and somewhat spicy.  This is a good stew!  Rather than a mixture of many different elements, it comes together as a whole.  
  • Slaw - White. Vinegar & cream with lots of black pepper.  A few dark greens mixed in for color.  Also very good when paired with the meat.
  • Dip - This is a spicy mix.  Eastern-style vinegar-based with spices and peppers.
  • Peach Cobbler - Fresh peaches.  Not my favorite crust, but a strong cobbler overall.
  • Cherry Cobbler - Good cherry taste and tartnesss.  Filling is not too sticky-sweet.  
  • Pecan Pie - Soft, buttery, and rich.  Very good!
  • Ice Cream - Yep, it is also homemade... and excellent.


  • Keith is the consummate craftsman when it comes to NC barbecue.  That is why we saved this joint for our last stop of our 3-day tour.  
  • We get the serious evil-eye from the local regulars when we enter with notebooks in-hand.
  • Huge tree trunk 'rounds' out back waiting to be split.  
  • Hand-chopped barbecue with about 15 homemade dessert items on the menu.  
  • Very few places take the time to do all of this using traditional methods... but Allen & Son does.
  • We don't pursue a pit tour because it is the middle of the dinner hour.  Hopefully next time!
  • Places like this are the reason we started the BBQ tour back in 1999... what a perfect ending to our North Carolina Tour!

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