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Smoke Daddy's Review of Baby Back Shak


1/2 Rack PlateAll-in-all, this is a solid joint... but don't get too distracted from the main attractions here.  

In February, I started a new job in the Cedars area of South Dallas.  I am a few short blocks from the Baby Back Shak, but have been bringing my lunch to work every day.  Well, due to a number of factors, I didn't have time to prepare a lunch today.  

This photo of The Baby Back Shak is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Plus, its my birthday today, so I figured to walk over and treat myself to some BBQ for lunch. 


  • The ribs were well-rendered, but still on the bone.  Meat came off with a slight tug, and I wasted no time in dispatching these!  Good balance of smoke and spice.  The savory rub had a good amount of spice on the finish.  


  • Shaq beans contained ground beef, and seemed a cross between bbq beans and a cincinatti-style chili.  Unique and very tasty.
  • The chopped cole slaw used a mustard and poppy seed sauce, with just a hint of pickle.  Again, unique and very nicely done.
  • Sauce - Don't waste the ribs by pouring this stuff on them.  It wasn't even very good on the bread.  A much better use of the bread was to mop up the sauce from the Shak beans.


  • I know that received some upgrades from the Show "Hungry Investor" (article here).  They updated the exterior and interior of the restaurant, but it still feels authentic.
  • They supposedly changed the way they've been doing brisket, but I didn't have the guts to try it on my birthday.  Maybe next time...
  • I ordered my lunch to go, but would not mind sitting down here for a meal.

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