When I'm trying new barbecue, I always try to find that good thing to say. But sometimes, the best I can do is say, 'Well, they've got good rolls' or 'They got good ice tea.' Anyone in the know will understand what that means.

— Mike Mills

Peace, Love, and Barbecue

DFW Remix Tour


A time-shortened tour for a harried life.  This tour allowed us to revisit some old favorites and find some new ones... We hit 11 BBQ joints, plus the Fort Worth Stockyards in just two days of touring. 


  • Hammond's
  • Floyd's
  • Anglo's
  • Hard Eight
  • Ranch House
  • Railhead
  • Cotton Belt
  • Riscky's
  • Cassteven's
  • Longoria's
  • Lee's

2004 BBQ Tour Scores.pdf24.87 KB


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