The more I think about barbecue, the more I start thinking that it’s one of our most important road food traditions.  The reason that it remains vital, besides the fact it’s good, is that it cannot be tamed.  It can’t be gotten out of a can; it can’t be frozen ahead.  BBQ doesn’t negotiate, and it suffers fools badly.  Barbecue requires time, smoke, and above all, skill.  Which is why attempts to corporatize it ultimately fail.

— Alton Brown

Feasting on Asphalt, Episode 2 - I Smell Pork

Kansas City Tour


BBQ Crew at SneadsThe 2005 Kansas City tour was our 7th, and our first out-of-state tour.  We chose Kansas City because of its reputation, and the high concentration of barbecue establishements.  Over the course of our three-day tour, we were able to experience the offerings of 20 local restaurants, along with several bars, pubs, and brewpubs -- while keeping auto travel  around 300 miles!




  1. Hillsdale Bank, Hillsdale, KS
  2. BB's Lawnside, Kansas City, MO
  3. Rosedale Barbeque, Kansas City, KS
  4. Fiorellas Jack Stack Barbecue, Kansas City, MO
  5. Lil' Jakes, Kansas City, MO <<Gone, but opened another place>>
  6. Woodyard Bar-B-Que, Kansas City, KS
  7. LC's Bar-B-Q, Kansas City,  
  8. Gates and Sons Bar-B-Q, Kansas City, Mo
  9. RJs Bob Be Que Shack, Mission, KS
  10. Haywards Pit Bar-B-Que, Shawnee Mission, KS
  11. Oklahoma Joe's, Kansas City, KS
  12. Boardroom Bar-B-Q, Overland Park, KS <<Closed>>
  13. Arthur Bryant's Barbeque, Kansas City, MO
  14. Johnnys Hickory House Bar-B-Q, Shawnee Mission, KS
  15. Winslow's City Market Barbecue, Kansas City, MO
  16. Smokin' Guns, Kansas City, MO
  17. Snead's Bar-B-Q, Belton, MO
  18. Laura & Emmie's Country Boy Barbeque, Grandview, MO <<Closed>>
  19. The Filling Station, Lee's Summit, MO
  20. Earl Quick's, Kansas City, KS

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