One of these days they'll get me.  They'll make me change my way of cooking, and when they do, that'll hurt my product. The style of barbecue we have here in Lexington is very unique. I think it will start to fade away.

— Wayne Monk

Owner, Lexington Barbecue as quoted in Smokestack Lightning

Kruez Farewell Tour


Flames licking our toes at Old KreuzThis was a short 2-day tour to test the barbecue road trip theory.  It was timed to ensure that we got to sample Kruez market before Rick moved it up the street due to the Schmidt family feud.  This tour was based around Austin because it had the highest concentration of joints from the 1997 Texas Monthly s top 50 barbecue list.  Our goal was to hit as many as possible in two days.  

The tour was an unqualified success... 9 BBQ joints and a couple of beer joints in less than 48 hours!  Barrow's feedback: "Awesome.  But, I think it needs to be a 3-day tour."



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