...saying that labor costs can be held down by not having it cooked slowly over a wood fire by a sullen man with a squint was like saying that a symphony orchestra would be cheaper without the violins.

— Calvin Trillin

Feeding a Yen

Piney Woods Tour


BBQ Crew inside Lufkin BBQOur Piney Woods tour covered nearly 600 miles (plus the 225 back to Richardson when it was over).  We drove through three national forests: The Sabine and Angeline National Forests on Day 2; and The Davey Crockett National Forest on Day 3.  We found all manners of potato products: baked, smoked, twice-baked, mustard-based potato salad, mayo-based potato salad, tangy potato salad, sweet potato salad, etc... most of which were homeade.  Ribs were above average in this area, although sometimes at the expense of the brisket and sausage offerings.

Our visit to Lufkin Lanes during Rap DJ Night was quite fun, and bowling may become a staple of the Barbecue Tour on Friday nights form this point forward!

And when we reached the end of the Barbecue Trail, we headed over to a private lakehouse and proceeded to cool off in the lake and catch up with old friends!  It was THE BEST! 


Piney Woods Barbecue Route.pdf655.33 KB


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