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— Plato

Red River Tour


2009 BBQ CrewWe return to Texas for our 11th annual Barbecue Tour.  This time we traversed Highway 82 from Clarksville to Wiichita Falls, with one excursion across the border for a bit of Casino-style action on an Indian Reservation.  We covered nearly 650 miles and tried the offerings of 15 barbecue joints.

Red River Tour Photo Gallery

Red River Joints:


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Red River Tour

Didn't pick up Clark's Outpost eh. Oh well. Hope you are having a great tour and get gut stuffed....

Clarks Outpost

A sub-group of the BBQ Crew visited Clarks back when K-Dawg was living near Prosper.  It was not part of an official tour, but since we had already been there, it was not a priority this time. I'll look to see if I can find my notes from that visit and post them on the site.

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