Life is too short for a half-rack.

— Mike Mills

Peace, Love, and Barbecue

San Antonio Tour


2003 Barbecue CrewThis tour took us in a wide circle out and around San Antonio.  We visited 18 BBQ joints, 2 brewpubs, 2 private residences, 1 brewery, 1 bar, and 1 low water crossing in 58.5 hours while covering over 650 miles.

The Barbecue Crew celebrated the end of the BBQ trail at a private residence directly on the Comal river.  And for the grand finale the "Fab4" bought 3 suitcases of beer, donned 2 mullets, rafted the Guadalupe, and then visited several other miscellaneous bars (including the brewpub inside our hotel).  We encountered primarily oak and
mesquite-smoked barbecue cooked using indirect heat.  This year we found several places using gas-fired ovens,
electric smokers, and even one place that cooked directly over charcoal.


2003 BBQ Scores.pdf10.91 KB


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